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NMAC - GB  has become a member of The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA), an International Olympic Committee Recognised Multi-Sport Organisation. 

In November 2012 WMAGC President Ken Marchtaler was appointed the position of Martial Arts Commissioner for TAFISA. The role of the Martial Arts Commissioner will be to structure a Martial Arts Commission within TAFISA that will work towards a united front in martial arts throughout the world. Following Ken Marchtaler’s new position within TAFISA he stepped down as President of the WMAGC.

From 2013 - 2015 the WMAGC (WMAC) President was, Mr Harald Folladori from Austria. After elections in September 2015 Mr Folladori was democratically voted out and replaced by the now President Freddy Kleinschwärzer from Germany

Freddy Kleinschwärzer WMAGC President - Freddy Kleinschwärzer

More information on TAFISA and its role in Sport for All can be found at the TAFISA website.



Official Martial Arts Supplier of the 2013,14,15,16 & 17 East of England Competition Series

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KWON was founded  in 1976 and became registered on a national and international level in 1980. Over the course of the years KWON has developed a huge variety of products, which covers products for nearly all styles of martial arts in the world.

Today, KWON is an innovative enterprise with a 200-page catalog, offering a well-balanced product range in the fields of martial arts equipment, clothing, fitness wear and accessories. More information can be found at the Kwon website.


Official Medal & Trophy supplier of the 2013,14,15,16 & 17 East of England Competition Series 

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Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge is the newest store under the W R Bullen Jewellers umbrella. W R Bullen was established in 1887 and have many different items of Jewellery for purchase.

For more information please visit the Fourth Avenue website.


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