National Martial Arts Committee of Great Britain 

            NMAC - GB


The attraction is plentiful for different styles to compete in several different categories.

The categories are assessed each year by the WMAGC Rules & Regulations Wing.

With demonstration sports performing prior to each Games, the opportunity for other styles to join is always open.

We welcome all styles to compete at the Games.

The Divisions are set out below, with most but not all having categories for Children :

Form Divisions :

  • Chinese Open Hand Forms
  • Japanese Okinawa Hand Forms
  • Korean Forms
  • Non Traditional Hand Forms

Creative Form Divisions :

  • Musical Hand Forms
  • Extreme Hand Forms
  • Synchronised Hand Forms
  • Team Hand Forms

Weapon Form Divisions :

  • Chinese Short Weapons Forms
  • Chinese Long Weapons Forms
  • J/O Wooden Weapon Forms
  • J/O Bladed Weapons Forms

Creative Weapons Form Divisions :

  • Musical Weapons Forms
  • Extreme Weapons Forms
  • Synchronised Weapons Forms
  • Team weapons Forms

Point Sparring Divisions :

  • Female Point Sparring
  • Male Point Sparring
  • Female Team Point Sparring
  • Male Team Point Sparring

Light Continuous Sparring :

  • Female Light Continuous Sparring
  • Male Light Continuous Sparring
  • Female Team Light Continuous Sparring
  • Male Team Light Continuous Sparring

Grappling Divisions :

  • Male Grappling/Submission
  • Female Grappling/Submission
  • Male Grapple & Strike
  • Female Grapple & Strike

Self-Defence Divisons :

  • Female Self-Defence
  • Male Self-Defence

Breaking Divisons :

  • Male Breaking
  • Female Breaking





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2019 WMAGC - World Games

London,  United Kingdom  Union Flag

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Ceremony 1.0
Vol 1.0
SP 4.0
Team GB Parade
Keeley 2.4 Harri Crane Stance TM 1.0 Crowd 1.0 Medal 1.0